Journal Overview

Baghdad Medical journal of students is a peer-reviewed, free access journal that publishes high-quality, original articles or reviews in English, and will not publish manuscripts without prior double-blind peer review. The review process  will be done by twoor more reviewers whose field of expertise is pertinent to the subject of the manuscripts.

Editorial Workflow

The workflow is divided into 4 stages:

Submission: The new submitted article is assigned to the section editors and considered for moving into the Review stage.

Some submissions are clearly inappropriate and never make it beyond this stage.

Review: This is where the peer review happens, as well as any revisions required by the author.

Some submission will not pass review and end here. Those that are accepted move to the next stage.

Copyediting: Accepted articles move to this stage, where they are improved by the work of a copyeditor. Authors are Hgiven the opportunity to review the copyedits.

Production: Once the copyedits are completed and approved, the submission moves to this stage. In Production, the copyedited files are converted to galleys – HTML, XML, PDF, etc. Again the author has the opportunity to proofread the galleys. Once everyone is satisfied, the submission is scheduled for publication in a future issue.


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Copywrite Notes

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